One World. One Standard

ECI Cooperative utilizes the Safe Quality Food Institute as our certification partner to help keep our feed mill FSMA compliant. 

February 10, 2016 our initial Audit was conducted- on February 27, 2016 the decision was announced; we scored 98% compliance which put our feed mill in the excellent category, one of a select few in the Midwest. We are committed to providing our customers a safe, high quality, reliable source of nutrition for their livestock enterprises, that now meets global safety production standards.

Our Scores:

2017- 97% compliant 

2018- 98% compliant

We offer:

*Purina Animal Nutrition

*Nutrition Production Environmental Assistance

*Toll Milling Services

*Pig Sourcing

*Close Out & Production Record Keeping


Feed Sales & Operations
Rich Bathen
Feed Sales
Chad Ciesielski
Jesup Operations Manager
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