ECI Energy update

ECI’s Energy Division has had a few busy months & I would like to update our customers and owners about the changes.


You – our customer/owners – have requested more fuel sourcing/pricing options and we have listened! ECI now offers more than 1 supplier of refined fuels and propane. For our customers who wish to continue to receive premium diesel, we now offer ECI brand diesel.  We currently have FIELDPOWER, dyed diesel and ROADPOWER, clear road diesel.  We now have several different suppliers to source your fuel needs and give our customers the best prices on fuels.


The Hudson Cardtrol location has been updated with new signs, the La Porte City and Dysart locations are scheduled to receive a facelift in the very near future. These facilities will now operate under the ECI brand. As always, these facilities are open to the public and accept all major credit cards as well as ECI fuel cards. If you use an ECI fuel card, you receive a 2¢ per gallon discount right at the pump. Along with the exterior changes, the computer software and hardware will also be updated soon. These updates will provide the best data security available to us and will protect all our customers personal information.


After extensive market analysis, ECI has booked & contracted a large majority of our customer’s projected fuel and propane needs for this upcoming fall harvest and drying season. With the recent rise in fuel prices we are confident we will be able to offer our customer/owners a very competitive price.


As part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve service to our customers, every driver in the Energy Division will have a fuel price list available to share with our customers. Additionally, every Sales and Customer Service person within ECI will also have fuel pricing information available.  


If you wish to start looking at your options for your upcoming fuel needs, please contact us.

Lynn Ellsworth                        Energy Pricing & Contracting             319-342-3057

Laurie Saul                  Energy Pricing & Contracting             319-342-3057

Ellen Westhoff                       Customer Service & Sales               641-919-9675


I hope all ECI customers, patrons and owners have a safe, enjoyable summer.


Thank you for your business,

Randy Carlholm


ECI Co-op

Office 319-988-3257

Brian Hartman
Energy Division Manager
Email, Ph: 319.242.1529
Address 106 Cedar St
La Porte City, IA 50651
Ellen Westhoff
Energy Sales Specialist
Email :Ph: 641-919-9675
Laurie Saul
Energy Administrator
Email :Ph: 319-342-3057
Lynn Ellsworth
Energy Administrator
Email :Ph: 319-342-3057
Beneficial Budget Billing Program
Budget billing through ECI lets you manage energy costs by spreading expenditures throughout the year.
Effective Dust Control
You can request road-dust control applications at any ECI location.
Propane Safety & Floods Click here to read more.

Did you know?

    • We offer tankwagon delivery of refined fuels.
    • We have a competitively priced tank lease program.
    • We service residential and ag heaters.
    • We also rent heaters for ag buildings and home use.
    • We offer 24-hour fueling in Hudson, La Porte City and Dysart.
    • We offer E-85 and other blends available at our La Porte City and Hudson Cardtrol.
    • ECI RoadPower Premium Diesel Fuel
    • ECI offers company fuel cards for all Cardtrol location–Hudson, LaPorte City and Dysart. Call the Energy Center at (319) 342-3057 for more information.

Especially for local businesses:

    • Commercial propane delivery routes
    • Forklift cylinder routes
    • Heaters for rent or lease
    • 100-lb. cylinders and bulk systems create a climate that lets contractors work year ‘round

Contract Prices

Please call our energy office today to receive the current pricing!

Summer Fill/LP Contracts to be determined

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