Crop Insurance
**We Grow Value through Risk Management Solutions**
Tying together your input costs, marketing, and insurance to provide to you a snapshot of profitability scenarios and help you minimize your risk.
Policy types offered include Area Revenue Protection (ARP) formerly known as GRIP, Revenue Protection (RP), Yield Protection (YP), as well as hail insurance.
Private products available including Price Flex allowing you buy additional price discovery months to use as your crop insurance revenue price beyond just the February and October averages.

* ECI uses CropCalc™, Crop Quote™, Crop Hail Insurance, RangeCalc™ and MarketCalc™ software developed by and licensed from Silveus Insurance Group, Inc.  CropCalc™, CropQuote,™ RangeCalc™ and MarketCalc™ are trademarks of Silveus Insurance Group, Inc. and are used by permission.

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) Insurance

Both grazing and hay acres are available to insure through PRF.  PRF pays based on rainfall index through actual rainfall as measured by NOAA.  Coverage levels range from 70-90% of average rainfall and 51-59%  of the premium is subsidized by the government.  This program was established to help protect livestock producers from rising feed costs in drought situations.

As of 2016 PRF is available nationwide.