Farming is changing at an ever more rapid pace. Technologies evolve and move forward, and the environment pushes back. The amount of money it takes to farm today is staggering and your risk is at an all-time high. You wear many hats and we understand your need to make good decisions. After all, farming is not just a job; it's your way of life.

Farming is our way of life too, albeit once removed. We work to gain an understanding of where new technology fits and where it doesn't. We listen to you and adapt our recommendations to the way you farm. We also understand that Mother Nature has the largest impact on your business, so we make recommendations based on the most likely weather. That means that sometimes we'll be wrong, but most of the time we'll be right.

What We Do

Improve your return on investment

  • Grid Sampling
  • Nutrisolutions tissue testing
  • VRT custom application
    • Dry fertilizer
    • NH3
  • Seed selection and placement
  • Crop protection products and seed systems
  • Crop scouting
  • Competitive financing through CFA

Improve your agronomic knowledge

  • Answer plots
  • Post harvest meetings
  • One on one consultations about your fields

Manage your risk

  • Prepaid fertilizer contracts
  • Hedging fertilizer purchases with grain sales
  • Early pre-planning for next season = better decisions

Useful starting point for all of your seed decisions

  • Talk to any member of our agronomy team about corn hybrids,soybean varieties, and alfalfa seed.
  • Seed choices from a selection of industry leader
  • Adequate supply to insure we have the seed to meet your need
  • Our own bulk soybean system
  • Impressive new seed treatments available


Brad Crider
Operations Manager
Email :Ph: 319-575-0305
Kent Thompson
Agronomy Division Manager
Email :Ph: 319-269-1430
Agronomy Sales

John Stoakes

Agronomy Sales

Email :Ph: 319-240-4800

Ben Drake

Agronomy Sales

Email :  Ph: 319-931-9872


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