One World. One Standard

In compliance with FSMA regulations that become effective January 2017, mandating commercial feed mills must have a third party audit that documents Feed Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices, we have selected the Safe Quality Food Institute as our certification partner. SQF Institute is a world recognized standard in food safety. Each year we will be audited using Level 2 Certified HACCP Based Food Safety Plans: FSC 34 audit- Manufacturer of Animal Feeds: medicated feeds.

February 10, 2016 our initial Audit was conducted- on February 27, 2016 the decision was announced; we scored 98% compliance which put our feed mill in the excellent category, one of a select few in the Midwest. We are committed to providing our customers a safe, high quality, reliable source of nutrition for their livestock enterprises, that now meets global safety production standards.

We offer:

*Purina Animal Nutrition

*Nutrition Production Environmental Assistance

*Toll Milling Services

*Pig Sourcing

*Close Out & Production Record Keeping



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